Electrolysis Hair Removal - Side Effects

What Side Effects am I likely to Experience?

Electrolysis is an invasive procedure. A thin hair-sized metal needle is placed inside the hair follicle in order to discharge electricity into the base. This discharge is what causes the disfigurement and prevents regrowth..

Because of this, some people experience some pain during the procedure. Practitioners mention that the amount of pain somebody feels during electrolysis is dependant on each individual's pain threshold but also on the area that is being treated. For example, electrolysis on the shoulders of men will likely be far less painful than electrolysis on the upper lip of a woman.

Most people are able to go through the electrolysis procedure without any form of pain relief. However, if you'd prefer to be certain that you have a completely comfortable treatment then you can always use a topical anaesthetic. The most common is one that contains 5% lidocaine - you apply this to the surface that is being treated approximately 45 - 60 minutes before your treatment begins for a numbing effect.

Post Treatment Side Effects

As the electrolysis treatment takes place below the skin, there shouldn't be any seeping or scabbing from the follicle. In fact, after the treatment, you should find that there aren't any long term side effects if the treatment has gone well.

One thing to note is that performing electrolysis correctly is quite a difficult skill; it requires time and dedication to become an electrologist yet not all states have strong legislation demanding that everyone who performs electrolysis is fully qualified. Electrolysis can be quite a dangerous treatment if done incorrectly - in severe circumstances electrolysis can lead to infection, hair regrowth, scarring and other longer term skin damage.

That's why I always recommend that you do your due dilligence on the person who will be performing the treatment before you go ahead with it to ensure that you don't suffer from any of these longer term side effects that I mentioned I above.

Summary of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Questions Yes/No
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Expected Results from Electrolysis Hair Removal

The one great thing about electrolysis hair removal is that it has such a high success rate when used on patients. Clinical data suggests 93% of people will experience permanent hair removal - this can't be matched by any other form of hair removal as it stands (not even laser hair removal). Read this article to learn more about the results you should expect from laser hair removal.